Our Clinic

Our Clinic

In the past decade, dentistry has been more of a general pratice, which has evolved to a more specialized practice now.Today dentistry offers various specialists for complete dental care for the first time in town, we at TOOTH CARE provide speciality dental treatment with various specialists from Conservative Dentistry, Orthodontics, Implantology, Oral Surgery, Periodontics and pedodontics, under one roof at affordable cost.
At TOOTH CARE we help you to achieve a perfect & aesthetic smile, with quality and speciality treatment. We also take atmost care in cavity prevention, especially in children.Toothcare is a place of perfect, cleanliness & infection control with various sterilization procedures.

TOOTH CARE - State of the art Dental Clinic

At tooth care, We use the most modern diagnostic procedures.

RVG (Digital X-ray)

Tooth Care have RVG.This digital X-ray unit not only helps in diagnosis, but also minimises exposure to harmful X-rays.

Intra Oral Camera

This is a specialized video device which helps in capturing procedures performed on a patient.This also helps in maintenance of patient records with regard to treatment given.


A strict sterilization protocol is our practice. Routine procedures for each patient includes
1) Autoclaving 2) Sterilized Packs 3) Disposables (Gloves, Mask, Apron, Disposable Glass, Head Cap)


Instruments are stored in sterlized packs which are opened in front of the patient.


Disposable items are used wherever possible and discarded after use.

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